"All in All" - Cliff Young & Living Sacrifice

I love being a member of this band! R&B meets Gospel with touches of jazz, funk and rock.  This one's  from our outdoor concert in Pasadena in October 2018 with Tommy Walker.  I got to take an extended guitar solo (at 2:35) on this one that I felt really good about.  Check it out..

"Waves" Jam at Musicians Institute with Noel Waters

From a performance at Musician's Institute supporting Noel Waters performance of Guthrie Govan's 'Waves', this is a my solo leading into hers.


A short acoustic tribute based somewhat on Pat Metheny's arrangement of the classic Beatles song.

"No One Else w/Etude for Chelsea" - Acoustic

Johnny Rossa and Chris Van Duyn perform Chris' songs  'No One Else' with an intro 'Etude for Chelsea' as an intro during an acoustic set at Live at The Lounge 1/8/12 (Hermosa Beach, CA).

Both songs are from the Thief in the Night 'Under the Influence' EP

"In Loving Memory" - Dilana, Johnny Rossa, Chris Van Duyn

A live version of our recorded single released November 2013 (cover of the Alter Bridge song).  Studio version available iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and more.  Recorded live at the 'Dilana & Friends: Philippines Benefit Concert January 22, 2014 at Molly Malone's in West Hollywood, CA (USA)

"Zombie" - Jam with Dilana

A totally spontaneous jam during Dilana's performance of The Cranberries, 'Zombie' featuring an unplanned rippin improvised guitar solo (at :55). Performed with Michael Martinsson (acoustic guitar) & Shay Godwin (drums)

 7/5/13 at Three Clubs (Hollywood)

"So Tired" - Nu Savant

This was a Nu Savant music video shot in 2010 and directed by Dan Weise (www.danwiese.net); produced by Dan Weise & Giselle Murillo. This song was picked up by Sony Pictures for the TV series Damages season 4 premiere episode (starring Glenn Close) which aired July 2011.