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Thief in the Night's 'Under the Influence'

Thief rocks in a hard place...

Thief in the Night brings a fresh modern sound to their melodic hard rock clearly rooted in classic rock bands. Many have made comparisons that they have elements of Soundgarden, Alter Bridge, Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, as well as Led Zeppelin and touches of Rush. With in their high energy & rocking sound are soaring melodies from Johnny Rossa's powerful vocals and heavy guitar riffs from Chris Van Duyn's infectious guitar work.  

'Under the Influence' is rounded out with Randy Cooke's infectious drum work and Rafael Moreira producing, co-writing and playing bass.   

Melodic with strong melodies that hold up even when the music engages odd timings, altered tunings and off-the-beaten-path harmonic structures.  The songs will leave you both satisfied yet undoubtedly yearning for more.


Under the Influence...

'Under The Influence' is the band's first release and features heavy driven riffs, well honed melodies against a massive sounding rhythm section with some occasional well placed interesting odd/mixed meters creating a distinct sound that will inevitably draw you in with a powerful allure. 

"When producer Rafael Moreira and I set out to start the album the objective was to have it really ROCK while remaining organic, tight and something easily reproduced live; not over-produced" says guitarist Chris Van Duyn. "It's clear we accomplished that goal as the album sounds HUGE but is not layer upon layer of overdubbed guitars and vocals that would never be able to be reproduced in a live setting and retain the same sound." 

With the priceless support on their first release of world-class musicians Rafael Moreira on bass (while producing) and Randy Cooke on drums the project is a true powerhouse.


Heavy guitar riffs, powerful vocals...

The album starts off with Van Duyn's heavy guitar riffs that drive the songs, the powerful vocals of Johnny Rossa takes the songs to a whole other level and cement the power of their fresh sound created out of the classic guitar, bass, drums rock band.

"The vocal in this one is slaying!" says Randy Cooke who provided his incredibly powerful and always tasty yet technically sophisticated drum work to the album.

"Johnny Rossa's vocals are amazing and bring these songs to life with such passion and energy" notes Guitar World Magazine writer David Reffet.  "Truly one of the best and most powerful vocalist around" adds Van Duyn "and by far the most humble and nicest guy I could hope to work with".

Eclectic artist, songwriter and highly acclaimed guitarist Rafael Moreira produced the album's primary five, full band performances as well as plays bass and co-wrote four of the songs. "I'm proud of what we accomplished" says Rafa, whom is by far no stranger to creating great rock music. "Having Rafa bring that experience and expertise to produce this project has been an honor as he has brought the very best out of every aspect of the songs, the musicianship, the entire sound and so much more," says Van Duyn.

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